Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd


Established in 1983, today Eastern has the finest grip on the Indian spice market,( a feat achieved with the hard work of Mr. M. E. Meeran). Take a moment and dive into the history of being India’s No.1 Spice Exporter.

1976-Becoming the Largest Distributors

Mr. Meeran entered the distribution business, which is reputed for the most disciplined and profitable distribution system.


1983-Established Eastern Coffee and Curry Powder

Eastern set up its full-fledged spice factory and Coffee powder manufacturing facility in Adimali, the leading spice producing district in Kerala.

1985-Introduction of Blended Spices

With the expansion of business to neighboring districts and a steady increase in demand of Eastern spices, the range of ‘Blended Spices’ were introduced. These were instant hits among the Malayali population. The Eastern Chicken Masala, Eastern Meat Masala and Eastern Sambhar Masala marked the beginning of Eastern’s innovative food products.

1989- Eastern Condiments Pvt. Ltd Incorporated

Eastern Condiments Private Limited was incorporated in 1989.

1991-Eastern Treads

Company expands its business in the line of treads.