• The story of PANJON began with a small, but visionary endeavor by Mr. NAGIN BHAI KOTHARI in Indore (M.P.). He believes “ What is that life worth which cannot benefit & comfort others” . And then from a small medicine store he fabricated PANJON with the idea to bring relief & smile on faces. With a missionary zeal and fervor, Mr. Nagin Kothari undertook the task of building his company PANJON LIMITED for which he received the recognition of ” INDIA’S SELF MADE INDUSTRIALIST AWARD” from the President of India in 1982. 
  • Mr. Nagin Kothari started his career with retailing of formulations in a small town & eventually established a nationwide empire with an extensive marketing chain and carved out super brands like PANJON , SWAD , PERCY , PURTI and many more…..
  • PANJON Limited is now a leading FMCG Company of India with world renowned products like Swad Digestive Drops , PANJON Tablet , PANJON Balm , Percy Candy , Swad Chatpati Digestive Drops, Swad Khajoor and the list is endless. As it grows even further, PANJON will continue to mark up on major milestones along the way, setting the road for others to follow…